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How to Custom Order

Kim Wooo Design Studio & Boutique specializes in custom pieces for special occasion including but not limited to prom dresses, gowns, club wear and weddings. 

Kim Wooo Design Studio & Boutique was form by owner and head designer Kimberly Smith. Kim Wooo design studio is located at 4417 Evangel Circle Nw Huntsville AL, 35816. To order custom pieces clients have the option to come in to store location for a in person consultation or an over the phone consultation and the last option is to get the measurements done by on outside entity. 


Deposit are due at the time prior to or at the time of consultation. Production of custom pieces will not being until deposit are paid in full. Deposit are non-refundable. 


In Person Consulation 

For local clients a in person consultation will be scheduled. At this time client and Kim Wooo will review detailing of custom pieces agree on design and get all of the measurements needed to construct garment.


Over Phone Consulation

Long distance clients an over the shine consultation will be scheduled via FaceTime or Skype. During the consultation Kim Wooo or will walk clients through the process of taking their own measurements. A measuring tape will be needed.


Getting Measurements elsewhere 

Customers are allowed to get measurements taking from an elsewhere and send those measurements to Kim Wooo LLC.